Monday, March 23, 2009

light and dark

lampwork beads by emiko sawamoto

ever wonder where artists get their inspiration? what was happening in their mind that this piece of art came to be? i do.

i'm an avid bead collector or at least i was, i have curtailed most of it by simply not having the space for these gems that i hoard so lovingly...

the beads made by emiko sawamoto reflect the light and dark of the human imagination. it's hard to believe that these two beads have been made by the same woman, not because of her advanced technical and highly creative skills with fire and glass, but with the light and dark side every human being that creates art. these two beads say it all. i had purchased them at the bead & button show a few years ago directly from the artist. right along side her 'monster' beads and her interpretation of Japanese Temari balls in glass, were very sweet little kitten beads, i was so enthralled by the juxtaposition of what i saw that i had to buy two!

these two beads are incredible! i marvel at the beauty of both, i hope you enjoy.

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