Sunday, March 22, 2009

growin' my own

nope, not a political social or an economical change, we all know the answer to those guys. i need the seasonal change, big time! it's windy and cold and should be spring but that 'ain't gonna happen' any time soon. spring in northern minnesota lasts about 2 weeks if we're lucky, then right into summer. but the summers here are glorious, so worth the 9 months of winter!

i caught two of my succulents in bloom. the small pale yellow flowering cactus is in bloom for the first time, i have had this plant for about 23 years, a sweet little guy. the dark reddish purple flowering succulent blooms when it thinks it's in mortal danger of going extinct, also known as in dire need of water...

growin' my own spring.


Julie said...

Your photos are so beautiful! I need a camera like that! I am a succulent lover and just appreciate seeing all of the detail in your plants.

archaic design said...

hey Julie!

it's a four year old little nikon coolpix that hasn't let me down yet, even after i dropped it! opps! thanks, susan