Wednesday, June 17, 2009


i have sold my jewelry on etsy for two and a half years and have done well. i love the site and i want to continue selling there. but in the end it all comes down to business is business. since the infusion of 27 million dollars from investors and the change in business leadership etsy has shown that etsy will do what is best for etsy and i can respect that. i do what is best for my business too.

since the new search change and now with etsy adding meta tags to our shop title, many seller's sales have dropped dramatically and no longer show up in google search. a couple of sellers noticed that change in April of this year and have spent considerable amount of time and great determination to figure out why such a change in the views of items, google alerts and outside sales that originated from google search had dropped so dramatically.

well, what was discovered was that since April of this year etsy had inserted additional meta tags into our shops. the insertion of "handmade" was placed before every item description or name we had listed in our shop. we protested, many of us were very upset to learn that there was a "handmade" tag inserted in front of everything! finally etsy saw the error of their ways and removed the handmade meta tag on June 11th after the uproar in the forums. but what remains is the meta tags that etsy inserted in our shop titles.

the "archaicdesign on Etsy" was inserted into my shop title without my knowledge or consent. it takes up considerable real estate meta tag space. nor, did etsy ever inform any of it's sellers that this was done back in April of this year.

i think i can speak for many sellers that are protesting this change because we really want etsy to succeed, when etsy sellers succeed etsy in turn will succeed. the etsy admin have not said one word in regards to our forum threads, they only seem to want to close them. here are a few threads and a petition that is happening now on etsy. i can't guarantee that these threads will be open if you chose to read them but i will try to post relevant threads in case these are closed too.

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