Saturday, May 30, 2009


damn, ever say to yourself, i will be organized and ready to make this road trip, leave with everything packed without forgetting anything? got munchies, tools, metal, my funky bead stash, camera, tickets, underwear, toothbrush and the list goes on...

this time? will i ever pull it off? just once, self, get your crap together and let's go... not going to happen ;) i'm so predictable.

be back in a week to post photos! see ya!

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Carol B said...

oh, yes. Making a list doesn't always help. I had a show this weekend and had a short list of all the "last-minute" items. About a mile away from my house I remembered that the cell phone (not on that list) was still plugged in to the wall. I decided I could live the day without it. When I got home, it wasn't plugged in! It was in my purse all day and I hadn't bothered to look. Hope you had a great trip.