Saturday, April 4, 2009

the art of bead work

Patrizia Tager of triz

when i started to make jewelry it began with seed beads. i was on a mad mission to learn every stitch and technique because stitching seed beads into jewelry had a profound fascination for me. stringing, bead embroidery, gourd stitch, weaving and 3D sculptures, everything! i needed to do all of it and i did, i still love it!

i will be introducing some of the incredible seed bead artists on etsy on my blog. so many times seed bead work is undervalued and not appreciated for the time, design and incredible talent that is needed to become an artist in seed beads. it truly is an art form!

these three beautiful pieces are by Patrizia Tager of triz on etsy. her gorgeous work has incredible color and the detail used in her pieces is exquisite. please stop by her shop and look at her incredible work, it's lovely! she's one of my favs!


Triz Designs said...

Thank you so much for featuring some of my pieces! am looking forward to reading all future posts on your blog! :-)

archaic design said...

You are so welcome! It's true, your bead work is at level that all can aspire to! Thanks so much, Susan

Jean Hutter said...

Triz's work is amazing - the colors, the texture, the designs - all wonderful!!!

Melody Marie Murray said...

I adore Triz's work. Lovely feature!

Smadar's Treasure said...

Triz's work is fabulous! She has been one of my favorite bead artist for a long time now, and never cease to amaze me!