Friday, March 27, 2009

elegant bone beads by lynne hoppe

dem bones... two more handmade lampwork beads from my collection. these two beads are so silky smooth and tactile they feel like they were made from porcelain and so much fun to fondle... they seem ancient and well, a bit archaic? lynne hoppe is an incredible glass artist, i love her work!


Profusion said...

Ooh, those are lovely, different :)
Does she not have a website? I tried Google but failed to find her.

Do you have an idea for what to do with such bones?
I made some nice ones( but now they just lay there taunting me.
I made a fibula of another one, but the sterling bends inside the hole when it's closed, and I'm afraid it might break the bead eventually. I would so love to wear these ...
And I like seeing your collection. I am working on a page of my own little collection for my website :)

archaic design said...

hey Profusion!
her beads are incredible! i did make a bracelet from one of her bone beads that i love. i have tried to contact her also, google, ebay and her website, but that address does not lead to her site. it's very unfortunate, i would love more of her beads! thanks, susan